FEED RABBITS | Renewing the 5081 rabbit mix with carrot flakes

Mixed rabbit food is perfect for rabbits that regularly receive some greens. Thanks to the variation in this food, the rabbits continue to gnaw. The 5081 rabbit mix with carrot flakes has served as a mixed feed for many years! During the last few years we received several requests for more variation and color in this product. That is why our product advisor Mariska started working on renewing this mixture! We take you through the 5 steps we took to renew this recipe.

Step 1: looking at the old recipe of the 5081 rabbit mix with carrot flakes

To determine what exactly can be changed about the 5081 rabbit mix with carrot flakes, we first have to look at what is currently in the feed. The mixture currently consists of:

  • Maize flakes
  • Carrot flakes
  • St. John’s bread
  • Yellow peas

Step 2: collect possible raw materials

In shed two of the factory in Drempt it is checked which raw materials are all available. The product development department also discusses which raw materials can provide added value. A few sample bags with the possible raw materials are collected.

Step 3: Mix, mix, mix

The third step is to mix the selected raw materials with the current feed. This is how Mariska checks whether it is a good addition to the feed and if so, in what proportion. The different raw materials are also mixed with each other to determine which do or do not fit together in the renewed mixture. With a few examples prepared, the team discusses the available options and ultimately the new mixture emerges.

Step 4: the end result

After plenty of trial and error, the new raw materials were finally chosen that will be added to the current mix of the 5081 rabbit mix with carrot flakes. So what exactly is new?

  • 2 types of crisps (these were already in it, but this is a new natural variant) so that the rabbits can chew nicely
  • White sunflower seeds
  • Pea flakes
  • Red beet balls

These raw materials have been added and can now be found in the renewed feed, together with the old ingredients.

Step 5: Testing with the rabbits

The best way to test whether food is attractive to rabbits is to give the food to actual rabbits. We filled a bowl with the new 5081 rabbit mix with carrot flakes and waited to see what the rabbits would do. They arrived within no time and enjoyed this new feed. We love to see that reaction!

The renewed mixed rabbit feed from Garvo is now available in the pet store near you. You can purchase a package of 2, 4 or 20 kilos. Would you like more information about the old or new raw materials? Do you want to know how many grams of this food your rabbits are allowed? Or do you have other questions? Send them to Mariska via advies@garvo.nl.