Solution racing pigeon feed is an additional mixture with a power pellet.

FEED RACING PIGEONS | Everything about Garvo solution

For the top athletes among the pigeons, Garvo offers 3864 solution. The solution racing pigeon feed has important building materials that are important if you demand more from your pigeons. In this blog we explain to you all about what solution is, what the differences between the solution products are and which mixture best suits your situation.

Pigeons are top athletes

In the pigeon sport a lot is asked of pigeons. They are real top athletes. Both physically and mentally so much is demanded of pigeons that the right training and nutrition play a big role. Many pigeon feeds only consist of additional grain and seed mixtures, which means that the mixture does not contain everything a pigeon needs. A mixture with only grains and seeds is simply not enough! Without additional food, shortages arise in the body of the pigeon, causing them to live on their reserves. That is of course not desirable.

To prevent any shortages, the 3864 solution or 3862 solution 2 can be added year-round. Young animals can be fed with 3865 solution junior .

What is solution?

Garvo solution racing pigeon feed is an additional mixture with a power pellet. It will provide in all the necessary nutrients. All important nutrients that are missing in basic mixtures with only grains, seeds and legumes are incorporated in this pellet. Think of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and fatty acids. These nutrients are all essential when you demand more from your pigeon such as in the pigeon sport.When you feed the solution, the intestines are put to work properly again. This supports good intestinal health, resulting in a healthy condition for the pigeon.

When solution is added, this will make an enormous contribution to the resistance and vitality of the pigeons. The first effect of solution is noticeable after about 3 weeks on the feather package.

What are the differences within Garvo solution?

3864 solution

The 3864 solution is the original solution. This is where it all started. This mixture contains the pellet with all the necessary nutrients and can be given with any mixture that does not contain added vitamins and minerals.

3862 solution 2

The 3862 solution 2 is a derivative of the 3864 solution. The biggest difference is that this mixture does not contain corn and milo. This makes the mixture finer, making it more suitable for smaller pigeon breeds and short-beaked pigeons. In addition, the carotene-containing seeds are limited in this mixture, making it ideal for giving to color pigeons with a white eye rim.

What can and especially not can you do in combination with the solution products?

DO: mix with another mixture

The solution racing pigeon feed is intended to be mixed with a basic mixture containing only grains, seeds and legumes. It is recommended to mix 1/3 solution with 2/3 basic mixture.

DO: feed to improve resistance and vitality

By offering solution to your pigeons you can improve the resistance and vitality of the pigeons in a natural way by simply offering the right nutrients in the food.

DONT: feed next to the g-spirits line

The g-spirits products are complete, which means that they contain all the necessary nutrients through a pellet in which the solution has been incorporated. If you give solution in addition to the g-spirits, you are feeding too many vitamins and minerals, which disrupts the balance of both products.

DONT: feed extra vitamins and minerals

In addition to the solution that you mix with a basic mixture, Garvo strongly discourages to also give extra vitamins and minerals in the form of, for example, a liquid through the water or vitaminized pigeon grit. Here too, the balance of the feed is disturbed, which could be harmful!

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