Feed to my heart's delight

‘Feed to my heart’s delight’ answers the growing demand for responsible feed for all animals. More and more people are taking health consciously. That fits in with our aim to deliver feed for every animal, tuned to their needs which, therefore, contributes to their health, vitality and lust for life. With ‘feed to my heart’s delight’, animals and their owners enjoy each other and life more.


Garvo aims to contribute to a world where there’s enough space for both people and animals to enjoy life – this is truly living (together). Taking good care of animals is the first step, which is why good feed is so necessary. What animals eat is incredibly important, not only for their physical health, but also for their behaviour.


Garvo develops, manufactures and sells animal feeds whereby animals experience the quality of life. Furthermore, Garvo is busy with networking, collaborating, advising, organizing events and trainings, and customer support. Garvo believes in exchanging ideas and experiences. Giving and receiving, listening and developing further. In this way craftsmanship can grow with service.

"Garvo is life and inspires
human and animal."


Every person is the centre of his or own world. In the human environment, animals can occupy a fantastic space. We learn so very much from our animals, by observing them and listening to them well. They guide us to a better life.
Animal feed manufacturer, Garvo, is following a new path. The art of living (in the sense of being healthy and enjoying) is to let go. In the company we have let go of existing structures, and, by doing so, made room for a new enterprise. We’re growing. By this we mean that we that we continue to work on the quality of our products. Our employees can also develop themselves. They get the space to put their ideas into practice where possible. Growth also means that we can reach more people who buy our products. In that way there’s a positive contribution to a world with healthy, content animals and, likewise, people. We give you as a (new) customer as much space as possible. Indeed, your vision, and of course, your animals, inspire us. Garvo can sometimes even add a previously undiscovered perspective to your plans or your course of action. Together we’ll continue in the stream of life, and, with the animals, we’ll enjoy success.