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the art of quality

What animals eat is important for their entire health – in terms of their behavior, as well as physically. It’s not for nothing that animals in the zoos aren’t permitted to be fed unlimited amounts by people!

Lovingly taking care of animals comes first at Garvo. Indeed, true wealth is a world in which man and animal can live (together) fully. Animal feeds form an important means of achieving this. For this reason we want to deliver absolutely the very best quality and we are always interested in your experiences and possible improvements. It’s no extra work for us, but a matter of splendid craftsmanship, to give animals exactly what they need.

natural crops

For quality feed good raw materials are necessary. In order to guarantee that quality, we don’t limit ourselves to the Dutch market, but also try to get to know crop farmers of corns and seeds personally. We annually visit French, German and Dutch crop farmers, who grow maize, wheat, barley and peas for us. For Garvo it’s of the utmost importance that cultivation is done in harmony with nature and that the fertilization is done in the right manner. Only then can a crop grow healthily.

We lay down our strict quality requirements in contracts when buying crops and other raw materials. Therefore, we work with steady business partners who know what requirements we make. Each delivery is visually judged, potentially undergoes a moisture specification and/or various parameters are examined in the laboratory. In this way, it happens seldom, fortunately, that we have an arriving cargo we have to reject and not unload.

demands and control

Garvo develops and produces animal feeds for very many species, literally from mouse to elephant. Futhermore, Garvo develops specific feeds for various kinds of animals within a race, think of, for example, the diverse show pigeon races.

All of this results in our finding the standard quality requirements to be inadequate. We have put together our own specific requirement package, which is different and stricter than necessary than demanded legally and for protocol. We attach a great deal of worth to these internal quality criteria. The quality controller at Garvo is Janine Garretsen-Rots. She judges all the raw materials, checks for correct production methods and tests all products before they leave the factory.

For the record: Garvo also meets the legal requirements for quality and hygiene, takes part in the GMP protocol (Good Manufactoring Practice) and meets the standards of HACCP (Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points). GMP and HACCP are introduced as quality certificates, a sort of quality guarantee for animal feed.

composition and production

A good product doesn’t only depend on the raw materials. Just as important for balanced nutrition is the right composition, totally tuned to the needs of the animal.

Raw materials and composition still do not guarantee good feeds; the production also plays an important role. Just as with people, it makes a great deal of difference for animals if there’s a ‘hash’ indifferently fabricated or if the feed has been lovingly prepared with the necessary attention for both product and consumer. Garvo feeds are, regarding this aspect, produced with the utmost care. Furthermore, the feeds are systematically controlled for quality during the various stages of the production process. We never economize when it comes to attention and care!

packaging and shelf life

In order to maintain the nutritional value of the Garvo products, the packaging requirements are considered for each product. They are packed in (coated) paper bags, paper valve bags or quadroseal packages. The quadroseal packages are provided with a non-gas-permeable film. This allows food to be packaged oxygen-poorly under nitrogen/carbon dioxide to extend shelf life.

Animal feed contains various fats, minerals and vitamins that may be sensitive to oxidation. Under normal circumstances, with cool and dark storage, these nutrients have a good shelf life. However, the nutritional value may decrease under the influence of light and an elevated temperature. To prevent this (natural) antioxidants can be added to the product. Another way to prevent oxidation is to pack the product under a protected atmosphere using nitrogen/carbon dioxide. With this method the package is sealed oxygen poor. This is ideal for products that may be stored under warmer conditions.

If possible, always store food in a cool, dry and dark environment, preferably in a clean storage area. The eggs of dust mites and grain beetles (such as klander) can survive in (old) dust. These can also gnaw through a bag and then affect the further feed stock.

Within the stated shelf life, Garvo guarantees the quality of the product, if it is stored correctly: cool, dry and dark.

everything is traceable

All in all, the entire organization practices a strict quality protocol. Garvo invests in this quality on all fronts; technically, organizationally and, above all: with a good team of employees, whom are given all the room they need to develop themselves and who feel responsible for the products. These are experienced operators with a great understanding of quality, alert to anything which could go wrong.

The production process is completely automated, so that the chance for mistakes is minimal. Every sack of feed receives a unique charge number, enabling both the production date and lot to be traceable. Random samples from all the raw materials and each lot of feeds are stored. If there’s a question or comment about the quality, then we can quickly make an analysis and provide an answer.

and then: the store

We also expect a quality effort from the pet store or the feed store – the last link between us and you and your animals. A clean, dry storage space is a requirement. The store has to make sure that you can only buy good feed, whereby the shelf life and packaging are alright.


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