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CHICKENS RED MITE | Red mite: what it is and what to do about it

As with any animal, it is also important for chickens to keep a close eye on their health and behavior. Sometimes some ailments can occur when keeping chickens. Ailments such as red mite might not only bother the chickens, but can also take a lot of your time as the owner. Hence, it is good to be aware of the most common problems in chickens. By the way, do you realize that chickens build a better immune system thanks to good feed, making them less susceptible to these ailments?

Red mite in the chicken coop

The red mite is an annoying parasite that can settle in the cracks and crevices of a chicken coop. The red mite is also often present under the roost of the chickens. Once the red mite is present, this “invasion” spreads rapidly. Red mites are mainly active at night and crawl on the chickens. During the day, red mites can be found in dark places such as under the roost.

How do you notice that red mites are present?

You often notice the presence of red mites quickly from the behavior of the chickens, which changes.

The red mites make the chicken – understandably – irritated and then starts pecking between its own feathers and those of its peers. You can also notice it by pale combs (signal of anemia for chickens) because the mite sucks the blood from the chickens. You can also see it in the coop. A large amount of red mite looks like a kind of reddish brown dust, but these are the eggs of the red mite. These hatch after 3 weeks and then you see the bugs yourself. So you can keep a close eye on this.

How do I prevent red mites?

The answer to the question of how to prevent red mites can actually be summarized in 2 words: good hygiene.

If your coop is clean, there is less chance of red mites. If the coop is regularly mucked out, the roost is properly cleaned or can ventilate outside for a while, that will save a lot of issues. It is also good to take into account the fact that the eggs of the mite spread easily.

Tips to prevent and control red mites

  • Purchase a vacuum cleaner for cleaning all slots and cracks in the coop
  • Use a burner to burn any eggs that are present
  • Make sure that the roost can be disassembled and replaced
  • Do not let the roost come into contact with the side wall, so that red mites cannot get directly on the roost
  • Place red mite trays with oil under the perch so that the red mite cannot get on the chicken

Good food ensures a better resistance of the chicken, giving it more protection against annoying ailments such as red mites. Are you unsure whether your chickens suffer from red mites? Do you feel insecure about anything when it comes to chicken care? Or do you just want to get good advice about the care of your chickens. Then please contact us.