Fytolin Fibre: back to basic


Fytolin Fibre is based on the growing demand for conscious and natural horse feed. While many horses rely on concentrated feed as the main ingredient of their rations, Fytolin Fibre focuses on stimulating optimal fibre digestion. Unlimited good quality roughage is the basis. Fytolin Fibre contributes to even more fibre variation in the feed and contains all the basic nutrients required for healthy intestinal flora and a healthy horse.

Fytolin Fibre is a conscious choice for horses at any age and at any level. The combination of high-quality roughage and Fytolin Fibre products allows you to perfectly tailor the ration to your horse, thus keeping the feeding process manageable and creating a happy, healthy horse.

The products

Fytolin Fibre FORCE

Fytolin Fibre FORCE is a balanced fibre pellet that can be fed as a complete supplement to roughage. This pellet contains all the necessary vitamins and minerals to meet the horse’s basic needs. Fibre FORCE contains added linseed as a source of Omega-3 for a shiny coat.
Good to know: the ingredients are pressed into a special pellet shape to encourage chewing! This improves saliva production and makes your horse feel satisfied.


Fytolin Fibre MUESLI

Fytolin Fibre MUESLI is a varied fibre muesli suitable as a complete supplement to the roughage ration. The Fibre MUESLI contains all the necessary vitamins and minerals your horse needs.  This muesli helps increase fibre variety and encourages chewing due to its coarser structure.

Fytolin Fibre SENIOR

Fytolin Fibre SENIOR is a complete senior muesli that provides the ageing horse with all the necessary nutrients. With Fibre SENIOR, you offer your senior all the fats, proteins and essential amino acids he needs. The high fibre content encourages active digestion, and added vitamines and minerals, Fibre SENIOR contains all the nutrients important for an older horse.
An added advantage to Fibre SENIOR is that it can be fed both dry as a muesli and wet in the form of a mash. This allows your horse to continue eating Fibre SENIOR up to (very) old age.

Fytolin Fibre MASH

The Fytolin Fibre MASH is a tasty, grain-free herb mash. You feed this as a mash, so wet, as a supplement to the Fytolin products. With Fibre MASH, you offer the horse a healthy treat without burdening the digestive system.
Nice to know: the herbs used in Fibre MASH can be found in European meadows. This way, Fibre MASH contributes to variety in the feed in a sustainable way.