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Fyto – balanced by nature

Developed in collaboration with Fyto Horse Care Putten

Garvo has been producing horse feed for many years. Years ago, we started with Fyto GOLD and Fyto FORM: two sports mueslis which proved their worth for warmblood and coldblood horses, gathering results at national and international competitions. In 2022 we expanded our horse feed range with Fyto CARE as well as Fyto NOVA, and took the leap to rebrand Fyto and give the products a captivating new look. But, Fyto, what exactly is this new product range?

Fyto means ‘originated from plants’. What horses eat is very important, not only for their health but also for their behaviour. Health and behavioural problems are often caused by an imbalance in the digestive system, which makes the horse feel uncomfortable. Fyto focuses specifically on restoring this balance. Fyto feed is specifically composed to stimulate your horse’s health from the inside, without burdening the digestive system.
Fyto responds to the growing demand for conscious feeding for all horses. More and more people are becoming health-conscious, not only for themselves, but for their animals as well. This fits in with our goal to provide every horse that is tailored to their needs, and thus contributes to their health, vitality and zest for life.

Through a higher fat content, Fyto contributes to a balanced energy supply, ensuring minimal acidification during (heavy) performance and breeding. But why are these fats so important? The combustion of fats from the feed proceeds differently to that of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are a fast available fuel, of which the horse can store less and burn it faster.  These carbohydrates can be found, for example, in feed with a high cereal content. A horse can store much more fat and burns it more slowly.

The difference in combustion can be compared to the difference between a match and a candle. The match lights up quickly, goes out quickly and leaves a residue. This is the burning of sugar in a horse’s body. Fat burning can be compared to a candle: a constant, calm burning of the entire candle without leaving a residue. When the horse gets its energy from fats, only a minimal amount of acidification builds up in the muscles.

The new product range


Fyto NOVA is a high-quality vitamin and mineral pellet for horses of all breeds and ages. You can give the NOVA as a complete supplement to roughage and grazing, to ensure your horse gets all the nutrients it needs per day. Fyto NOVA is also very suitable as a supplement when you provide less than 250g of concentrates per 100kg of body weight. As Fyto NOVA stimulates fibre digestion, your horse will absorb nutrients better and better over time.
A big advantage is only needing a small amount of Fyto NOVA per day. The recommended daily amount of feed is 17 grams per 100kg body weight per day. This means a pony of 300kg will need 50 grams per day, and a horse of 750 kg will need 128 grams per day.


As the digestive system of a coldblood horse or pony is not the same as that of a warmblood horse, Fyto developed Fyto FORM. This is a high-quality sports muesli, specifically tailored to coldblood horses and ponies of all breeds. The FORM is extremely suitable for horses that need to perform (top)sports and get or stay in optimal condition.
By feeding Fyto FORM, you help your horse restore the balance in their digestive system. As a result, the horse will not only feel better, but also be able to absorb nutrients in a more efficient way. You can notice this in improved manure quality, a shiny coat and optimal stamina. Fyto FORM contributes to a balanced energy supply that minimises muscle acidification during (intense) performance.


Fyto GOLD is a high-quality sports muesli for warmblood horses. The GOLD is extremely suitable for horses that have to perform at top level in the competition arena or on the track. This sports muesli is for horses that need to get and stay in optimal (competing) condition.
Like Fyto FORM and Fyto NOVA, Fyto GOLD also focuses on restoring balance in the digestive system. As a result, your horse absorbs nutrients better and feels more comfortable. You can notice this in improved manure quality, a shiny coat, and optimal muscle development. Fyto GOLD contributes to a balanced energy supply that minimises muscle acidification during (intense) performance.


Fyto CARE is a high-quality muesli for pregnant mares from the 8th month onwards, lactating mares and foals. By using natural ingredients and the right ratio of vitamins and minerals, the CARE provides everything mares and foals need.
Fyto CARE keeps the mare in optimal condition and supports milk yield. The balanced calcium/phosphorus ratio provides the right basis for strong bones. The added milk powder makes the transition to solid feed easier for foals.


Would you like to know more about Fyto’s new product range? If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our nutritionist Mariska. She is available for all your questions! You can reach Mariska through email: