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FEED CANARIES | Good feed for healthy type canaries

Canaries are beautiful songbirds that originate from the Canary Islands. There are 3 main groups in canary breeding: colour-bred canaries, type canaries and song canaries. In this blog we will zoom in on the feed especially for type canaries. Also within the breed of type canaries there are some categories in which they are classified: Short Smooth-Feathered Canaries, Tall / Large Smooth-Feathered Canaries, Bent Canaries, Frilled or Frise Canaries and Bent and Frilled/Frise Canaries.

Good feed for type canaries

The basis of a good diet for type canaries consist of a seed mixture. Important characteristics of a good seed mixture as a basis are:

  • Clean
    • The product must not contain dust or dirt
    • Free from pests and toxic seeds
  • Quality
    • Contains high-quality raw materials with quality requirements in areas such as color, odor, nutritional value etc.
  • Absorption
    • A complete absorption of all seeds for the intended species


To meet all the points above, Garvo has developed the 5371 canary without turnip rapeseeds especially for posture canaries. This mixture contains canaryseed, nigerseed, peeled oats, linseeds, millet yellow, millet white and hempseed. The product is GMP+ certified.

Feeding advice: give as much food as the birds can eat in one day. This means that the feed can be given fresh daily and the birds are never short of feed.

Supplement vitamins and minerals

In addition to a good basic mixture, it is important to supplement the vitamins and minerals that type canaries need throughout the year. This is especially the case when the birds lay eggs or raise young birds. At these times, the birds make more effort and require extra nutrients. In order to provide this for the type canaries, it is desirable to add egg food such as the 5308 RUL egg food. This is a “slightly moist” eggfood full of protein and minerals for type canaries and other canaries.

Advice: Throughout the year, feed 10-15% RUL egg food extra. During the breeding and growth period feed 25% RUL egg food extra.

Other supplies

If you have provided a good basic mixture and a supplement for the minerals and vitamins, there are still a few aspects that are important. Consider, for example:

  • Grit
    • Make sure there is always a bowl of grit in the cage. Grit is an important source of calcium that supports the production of eggs and bones.
    • Certainly important during the breeding period, but must be offered all year round
  • Stomach gravel
    • Make sure there is always a bowl of stomach gravel in the cage. Stomach gravel are small stones that help grind the seeds in the bird’s crop
    • Good grinding with the help of the stomach grit means that the nutrients from the seeds are better absorbed later on in the gastrointestinal system
  • Drink
    • Always provide clean and fresh drinking water in the cage
    • Make sure that the birds do not use the drinking water bowl as a bath

Optimal digestion and condition

All of the points above support optimal digestion that leads to a good condition of the birds. However, nowadays it is no longer taken for granted that all nutrients that are eaten are also properly absorbed. There are many different environmental stressors for type canaries that can put pressure on the digestion.

That is precisely why it is important to always keep a close eye on the condition of your birds. Do you see that one or more of your birds don’t feel that good? Then support the digestion of your birds with the help of 9501 garvolife. This is a supplementary animal feed which brings the intestinal flora back into balance, which has a positive effect on the digestion. The liquid is easily diluted in water and is completely natural.

“My birds revived completely after I started using garvolife. Even breeding went much better with this. “

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