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4203 KNZ licks Sheep

supplement to the daily ration or if sheep do not absorb enough nutrients

  • mineral lick especially for sheep
  • without added copper
  • for additional mineral absorption
  • ideal for sheep with an increased mineral requirement
  • supplement the daily diet


10 kg


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Product description

supplement to the daily ration or if sheep do not absorb enough nutrients

Product specifications

Analytical constituents/kg

salt (NaCl)> 98.0%, sodium 38.7%, magnesium 0.2%

Addition/kg Traces

zinc (3b603 zinc oxide) 5000 mg, iodine (3b202 calcium iodate) 300 mg, selenium (E8 sodium selenite) 10 mg, iron (3b101 iron (II) carbonate) 500 mg

Feeding advice

  • do not feed goat or cattle feed to sheep
  • Garvo’s feeding guidelines are an indication. For the amount of feed the animals need, consider their condition and the ambient temperature
  • always give enough roughage
  • during the summer, supplement with 200 g 1015 alfamix sheep per day in order to fulfil the minimal needs for minerals and vitamins
  • give ewes, beginning from 6 weeks before breeding, some extra handfuls of 5073 sheep pellet basic (5mm) or 5071 sheep pellet. This contributes to optimal hormone housekeeping and better fertility
  • supplement only during the first 12 weeks of gestation if the ambient temperature or too-little roughage supply require so
  • after the first 12 weeks give some more concentrates
  • build up gradually the amount of 1015 alfamix sheep or 5071 sheep pellet to a maximum of 1 kg per day and give unlimited hay
  • give 5072 lambs pellet plus to lambs from about 2 weeks old on
  • make sure there’s always enough fresh water

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