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Available soon: solution egg food & solution universal food

At the moment, we at Garvo are busy with the development of new egg food and new universal feed. We do this because we want to get and keep the birds in the best possible condition so that birds and their owners can enjoy each other and enjoy life. These new feeds will soon be available at the specialist store in your area. In this blog we take you through the changes

Current range

Within the current range we offer the following products:

  • 5300 egg food
  • 5308 RUL egg food
  • 5306 top egg food gropar
  • 5305 universal feed


The new egg food (3868 solution egg food) that we are making will be an improved version of the 5308 RUL egg food. It also serves as an alternative to 5300 egg food and 5306 top egg food gropar. The new universal feed (3866 solution universal feed) will be an improved version of the 5305 universal feed. All current products will disappear from our range and will be replaced by 3868 solution egg food and 3866 solution universal food. In this way we have a suitable offer for bird owners who want to contribute to the health, vitality and lust for life of their birds.

What is solution egg food?

Solution egg food is a supplement to the daily seed mixture for cage and aviary birds. By adding solution egg food, the birds get the right vitamins and minerals. Solution egg food is suitable for year-round feeding, but it is even more important during the breeding period. During this period more is explicitly demanded of the birds. Consider, for example, the making of eggs, feeding the young and of course the growing up of the young birds later.

What is solution universal feed?

Solution universal food is a supplement to the daily seed mixture of European culture birds, among others. For some birds 3866 solution universal food is even the basis of a balanced diet. Here too, the vitamins and minerals that the birds need are processed in the universal solution feed.

What’s new?

  • Egg (in the egg food)
  • Insects (in the universal food)
  • Chelates
    • even better absorbable trace elements
  • Lecithin
    • natural flavor emulsifier to support fat digestion
  • All natural colors, fragrances and flavors
    • no chemical colors, odors and flavors present

Chelates are trace elements that are bound to a protein. As a result, the absorption of these trace elements does not depend on certain ratios in the feed. This ensures that the absorption of the trace elements in chelate form is better than a trace element in sulphate or oxide form.

Why do my birds need egg food or universal food?

Supplementing Garvo’s egg food or universal food completes the bird’s diet. When the birds get the right nutrients for a longer period of time, a natural resistance build-up is created. Thanks to this resistance, birds are less vulnerable and less sensitive to disease (pathogens). All in all, Garvo contributes to the good conditions of the birds.

Availability of new feed

The improved egg food will soon be available as:
• 386815 solution egg food, 1.5 kilogram packaging
• 3868 solution eg gfood, 12 kilogram packaging

The improved universal food will soon be available as:
• 386615 solution universal food, 1.5 kilogram packaging
• 3866 solution universal food, 12 kilogram packaging

Both packages are gas-packed, which ensures that the feed in the closed and oxygen-poor packaging is less sensitive to changing (storage) conditions.

May you have any questions about the (new) products, or may you want personal feed advice that is appropriate for you and your birds? Let us know by sending an email to or by calling +31 ((0)313) 47 23 21.