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housing hamsters

HOUSING HAMSTERS | 8 tips for the ideal hamster home

A small animal, with big needs. A hamster certainly requires some time, care and attention from you. We list the 8 necessities you need to know for housing hamsters, to make them as comfortable as possible.

1) Size of your hamster cage

For hamsters you can generally choose a cage of 70×50 cm. Do you have a Syrian hamster, also known as a golden hamster? Then calculate 100x50cm. The cage can have several floors, but preferably not too high.

2) Bottom

A hamster would like a deep container that can hold a thick layer of bedding, so that he / she can dig and make holes

3) Hiding

Make sure the enclosure allows the hamster to hide.

4) Nesting

The best nesting materials to use are hay and toilet paper.

5) Rolling

Hamsters love to roll in special rodent sand. So you will make your hamster very happy with a sand bowl.

6) Moving

Essential in every hamster house: an exercise wheel to run around in. Note that hamsters are generally nocturnal and therefore make noise in the night. It may be better not to put the hamster in your bedroom for your own night’s rest.

7) Eating and drinking options

Provide the cage with a drinking bowl and a food bowl with, for example, the varied 5540 rodent mix.

8) Company

Most hamsters prefer to be alone. They need your attention. Exceptions are Russian, Roborovski and Campbelli hamsters. These are hamsters that live in small family groups in the wild. It is better to keep other hamsters alone.

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