category: actuality 2 February 2023

Garvo ambassador Hans Hermans World Champion

Garvo ambassador Hans Hermans has once again become World Champion with his birds in Naples. The Italian city hosted the 2023 edition of the World Bird Championships. This is not the first time Hans has become world champion: he also went home with the title in 2020! This year, Hans won gold with a tribe of Gloster consort, and silver with a single Gloster consort all in the colour cinnamon (brown). In total, there were around 21,000 birds in Naples and the show was open to the public on 20-22 January.

Nice to know: all competing Dutch birds travelled to Naples in the Garvo car. The convoyeurs personally ensured that all the birds were well looked after for 12 days, and that they were all safely accommodated back home last week.

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