category: actuality 18 March 2020

Measures at Garvo to prevent Corona contamination

Garvo focuses on the health of both humans and animals. This is why we have taken some measures to prevent contamination opportunities for all primary processes of the company as much as possible. The most important thing is that we can continue to produce feed so that our dealers have sufficient stock and that customers – and their animals – can receive their feed.

What does Garvo do:

  1. Anyone who can work from home continues their work at home
  2. The following measures apply to anyone who does not have the opportunity to work from home;
    a. Avoid contact with others as much as possible
    b. If in doubt, see RIVM guidelines, stay home in case of illness
    c. Keep a minimum distance of 1.5 meters
    d. Spread work and break times
  3. No visits outside the door
  4. In the Saturday shop, the guidelines as issued via the Centraal Bureau Levensmiddelenhandel (CBL) apply

We wish everyone who is affected – in whatever way – a good recovery, much strength and good luck.

On behalf of the management and staff of Garvo bv.

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