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Garvo has a new commercial director


As of 2 October 2017 Henkjan Garretsen is appointed as the new commercial director and share – holder at Garvo bv ´feed to my heart´s delight´ in Drempt. In Henkjan, the family business has found a successor who deeply cares about Garvo.

Henkjan (25) is the son of Janine and Herman Garretsen and, as a successor in the family company, constitutes the fifth generation. After graduating from his Engineering Business Studies at HAN, Henkjan first gained work experience in a number of other companies. He has now chosen to fully dedicate himself to taking over and growing the family business.

It´s Henkjan’s task to manage the sales team and to determine the marketing and communication strategies for the company and the Garvo brand, both in the Dutch and foreign markets.

Garvo bv develops, produces and sells animal feed that enables animals to experience the quality of life. Moreover, Garvo is engaged in networking, collaborating, consulting, events, training and custo – mer support. Garvo believes in exchanging ideas and experiences, giving and receiving, listening and continuing to develop. Thus, craftsmanship and service grow hand in hand.

´Feed to my heart´s delight´ is a response to the growing demand for responsible animal food. More and more people are becoming health conscious. This matches Garvo’s mission to provide suitable feed for all animals, designed to meet their specific needs and therefore contributing to their health, vitality and joy of life. With ´feed to my heart´s delight´ animals and their masters will get more enjoyment out of life and each other.

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