Henk de Wit


Milling | pressing mill

Flour products, grains and pellets are produced in the milling/pressing department. Operator Henk de Wit is responsible for this department. Under the silo block of the milling/pressing plant is a large scale. As soon as Henk enters an article code into the computer, he can start dosing the required raw materials with a single click of his mouse. The computer automatically weighs the raw materials. With a pressed end product, the raw materials are first ground in a hammer mill and then mixed into a homogeneous mixture. Then this “press meal” goes to the lump press that can press granules of 2 or 3 mm in diameter and lumps of 5, 6, 8 or 12 mm. The press flour is pressed through a die under high pressure. Depending on the die choice, the desired granules or chunks are created. This product goes via a conveyor belt to the filling department. If the final product is a flour, the dosed raw materials are led to the roller. Garvo produces its flours on a roller because it gives a nice even structure, with a minimum of dust or particles that are too fine or too coarse. This structure promotes absorption in poultry. The roller consists of two profiled rollers. These rollers rotate against each other at adjustable different speeds. The desired meal structure is created either by varying the distance between the two rollers or by varying the speed of one roller relative to the other.