Erwin Groot Boerle

Operator | Warehousing

Cleaning and intake of raw materials

All raw materials at Garvo are delivered by truck. Most of them arrive ‘loose’, while others are packed in bags or big bags. The truck is weighed on arrival and a small amount is taken at various points in the load using a sampling drill. This sampling is performed by a Garvo operator, usually Dick Uenk. Operators operate the machines and control the production process. The feed sample taken is visually assessed and, in the case of critical raw materials, examined in the in-house quality department.

The silo block in the cleaning department contains specific grains and seeds for the manufacture of pigeon feed and bird feed. These seeds are already cleaned on arrival. Nevertheless, they are always sieved again here to get a maximum cleaned product. Dosing from the silo block is also computer-controlled here. Dick indicates the recipe, plus the route the dosed raw materials must take through the plant before the “finished product” reaches the filling machine. That route, depending on the desired end product, runs to a punter (for clipped oats and barley), a cleaner (for all seeds and grains), a crusher (for crushed oats), and a mixer or roller (for broken corn and all flours).