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wild birds

Wild birds are welcome guests in the garden or around the house. On the other hand, they, too, are glad for a bit of human help. Whoever regularly gives wild birds 5346 wild bird mixture gets sparrows, blackbirds, thrushes, finches, robins, titmice, green finches and other birds as visitors. That’s because nature doesn’t always offer enough variation for these animals. They can use some support almost all year long: in the early spring, when the birds have young; during the hot summers and, of course, in the winter months, when it’s difficult to gather enough food. With wild bird mixture you feed extra to wild birds responsibly. You can even use it to make suet cakes. Make sure that you stop giving that extra feed only when the birds can truly find enough themselves. They count on us! They can only go for a short time without food and maybe cannot, certainly in the winter, find any alternative that quickly.

feeding advice for wild birds

  • give 5346 wild bird mixture regularly in a bird house or on a feeding tray
  • if you want to make suet cakes, then mail to
  • complete the menu if need be with a piece of apple now and then for the blackbirds

products for wild birds

5346 wild bird mixture – supplementary mixture for all wild birds
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