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(top)sport horses and ponies

For Garvo every (top)sport horse and every (top)sport pony is a top athlete. And for top athletes health is priority number one in order to perform optimally. And health is interconnected with resistance. The better the digestion, the stronger the natural resistance of horses and ponies. With 230 fyto gold, Garvo has developed top quality sport horse and pony feed. Fyto gold ensures that the animals are in prime condition and can achieve better. Fyto gold promotes the digestion with an intestinal protector, ensuring good bowel function, thereby strongly supporting the absorption of nutrients.

Horses and ponies which have to deliver top achievements need to be able to utilize all their available energy. An empty tank during the competition means the end of the achievement; a too-full tank creates ballast. Fyto gold delivers precisely the right building materials and the right fuel. The combination of various oils makes Fyto gold unique. The feed has a complete pattern of amino and fatty acids, constructed from diverse vegetable oils and extra lecithin. Lecithin works as an emulsifier, which combines with fat as well as water. Hereby the fat is used as fuel, so that the horses can easily utilize high fat percentages in the food. This guarantees long-lasting energy with a minimum of acidification – and less acidification means less tiredness.

Endurance sport

The delayed acidification due to fyto gold is particularly important in endurance spots, such as carriage driving, eventing, endurance riding and dressage with intensive training. This feed definitely yields more endurance in the horses. You feed the horses at ‘world level’.

Shows and veterinary inspections

Whoever takes horses to shows or trot ups knows that the outward appearance is very important. With fyto gold horses develop sleek muscles, a strong skeleton, and a shiny coat.



feeding advice

  • make sure there’s always enough fibrous hay and unlimited straw
  • make sure there’s always fresh water
  • wait at least an hour after exercising before feeding
  • wait at least an hour after feeding before working/riding

products for (top)sport horses and ponies

231 fyto form – additional muesli. For non-active hacks and (top)sport horses and ponies
230 fyto gold – additional muesli. For breeding and (top)sport horses
9521 garvo intestine improver – for a lasting, healthy intestinal flora and bowel function
5000 horse pellet universal – additional5 mm pellet for horses and ponies
5155 horse cornmix – additional mixture for all horses and ponies
1040 alfamix horse – additional muesli with apple and herbs. For active horses, such as riding school horses, hot bloods, and for hacks which exercise lightly
1045 alfamix pony – additional muesli with a low amount of protein, without oats and with extra raw cellulose. For ponies, easy keepers, hot bloods and non-active horses
5001 care pellet (for mares and foals) – additional 5 mm pellet. For mares and foals
5005 condition pellet – additional 8 mm pellet. For hot blood horses and ponies, warm bloods and riding school horses and ponies, and hacks which exercise lightly
1046 alfamix without oats – additional muesli without oats. For animals not allowed to eat oats
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