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Quite a lot of squirrels like to come visit the garden, especially when you’ve installed a good feeding ground for them. They are wonderful to see. Squirrels eat relatively a lot! They consume daily 5 to 15 procent of their bodyweight. Squirrels are omnivores. Most of what they eat is vegetable: nuts, seeds, buds and twigs. Besides this basic food they like to eat birds’eggs and insects. In alfamix squirrel there are, among other things, sunflower seeds, hazelnuts, rose hips, cedar nuts and raisins. Added to this are – in the proper proportions – vitamins and minerals. This balanced composition comes close to squirrels’ natural food, so that the animals stay strong and healthy.

Feeding advice

  • give squirrels their own feeding ground, on a board or house, somewhat higher in the tree
  • there are squirrel feeders for sale and there are construction drawings so you can make them yourself
  • give some 1060 alfamix squirrel regularly
  • never give squirrels salted nuts, potato chips, cookies, bread milk or leftovers. Squirrels can become sick from all those things, and can even die from them

products for squirrel

1060 alfamix squirrel – complete vegetable squirrel feed with extra vitamins and minerals. Suitable for all squirrels
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