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Squirrels love to come visit your garden, especially if you install a nice feeder for them. They are wonderful to see! They are not easy to keep as pets. They need, for example, special accommodation. Many sorts of squirrels nest, namely, in hollow trees, caverns or they build a nest out of branches. Chipmunks prefer living in a burrow. Just like a marmot, that’s the chipmunk. The health and feeding of squirrels demands specific attention. Squirrels eat relatively a lot! They consume daily from 5 – 15% of their body weight. Squirrels are all-eaters, i.e. omnivores. The most is vegetable: nuts, seeds, buds and twigs. Besides this staple food, they like to eat birds eggs and insects. In alfamix squirrel there are, among the ingredients, sunflower seeds, hazel nuts, rosehips, cedar nuts and raisins. Added to this are – in correct proportions – vitamins and minerals.

feeding advice

  • give 1060 alfamix squirrel as needed
  • reduce the amount of feed if the squirrels start stocking up
  • give some crickets and mealworms weekly for variation and to make sure the squirrels get animal protein
  • give fresh water daily

products for squirrel

1060 alfamix squirrel – complete vegetable mixture with extra vitamins and minerals. Suitable for all squirrels
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