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sport and pleasure riding

Humans and horses experience a great deal of pleasure in grooming, giving and getting attention. Being recreationally active together without the pressure of performing demands little of horses and ponies. Besides their forage, it’s sufficient to give them respectively, 1040 alfamix horse or 1045 alfamix pony, 231 fyto form and/or 5005 condition pellet. The ‘turning point’ at which many horses desire more than their standard feed and/or the standard amount usually coincides with a daily activity of 0.5 – 1 hour. If the amount of exercise varies from day to day, then they need more muesli or 5002 active pellet.

Forage or grass forms the basic food for non-active horses and ponies. The pasture offers months of plenty of food, although frequently the quality is too poor or too one-sided to keep horses or ponies in perfect condition. Good doers as well as warmbloods therefore need alfamix pony, alfamix horse, 5005 condition pellet or 231 fyto form in order to stay in condition. These feeds consist of less protein, while at the same time containing energy, raw cellulose and enough absorbent vitamins and minerals. For that reason it’s also suitable for good doers and ponies, such as Haflingers, Fjord horses, Shetlanders and Icelandic horses. Almost all of these animals have a very alert digestive system, with which they can get the most out of their food. They can become fat quickly if they get too much feed, but they do need concentrates for the necessary vitamins and minerals. For animals not allowed to have oats, there’s 1046 alfamix without oats.

5002 Active pellet can serve as a concentrate in all disciplines of the horse and pony sport. This achievement pellet is for horses and ponies which regularly have to exercise; the large amount of corns provides a quick burst of energy, and the amount of minerals and vitamins is appropriate for the animals as well.

feeding advice

  • always give enough fresh forage: fresh grass and/or hay
  • always give enough fresh water
  • give unlimited straw
  • feed hacks and ponies, which exercise no more than 4 hours per week, daily: 400 – 600 g 5005 condition pellet, 1040 alfamix horse, 1045 alfamix pony or 231 fyto form per 100 kg bodyweight
  • feed sport and riding school horses, which exercise at least 0.5 – 1 hour per day, daily: 400 -600 g 5002 active pellet per 100 kg body weight, and/or raise the amount of 1040 alfamix horse, 1045 alfamix pony or 231 fyto form on the days of exercise
  • supplement horses and ponies in pastures daily with:5005 condition pellet
  • supplement non-active horses and ponies in pastures which provide enough forage daily with: 5005 condition pellet or 200 – 500 grams 1045 alfamix pony, 1040 alfamix horse, 231 fyto form or 5005 condition pellet per 100 kg body weight
  • supplement non-active horses or ponies daily with: 300 – 600 g 1045 alfamix pony, 1040 alfamix horse, 231 fyto form or 5005 condition pellet per 100 kg body weight
  • supplement good doers daily with: 500 g 1045 alfamix pony, 1040 alfamix horse or 231 fyto form per 100 kg body weight, or with 5005 condition pellet

products for sport and pleasure riding

231 fyto form – additional muesli. For non-active hacks and (top)sport horses and ponies
1040 alfamix horse – additional muesli with apple and herbs. For active horses, such as riding school horses, hot bloods, and for hacks which exercise lightly
1045 alfamix pony – additional muesli with a low amount of protein, without oats and with extra raw cellulose. For ponies, easy keepers, hot bloods and non-active horses
1046 alfamix without oats – additional muesli without oats. For animals not allowed to eat oats
5000 horse pellet universal – additional 5 mm pellet for horses and ponies
5002 active pellet – additional 8 mm pellet. For riding school horses and ponies
5005 condition pellet – additional 8 mm pellet. For hot blood horses and ponies, warm bloods and riding school horses and ponies, and hacks which exercise lightly
5155 horse cornmix – additional mixture for all horses and ponies
9521 garvo intestine improver – for lasting, healthy intestinal flora and bowel function
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