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Pigeons don’t get enough with only mixtures of only corns and seeds. Without supplement they use up their reserves. 3864 Solution is supplementary feed with a concentrated pellet containing all the necessary nutrients. It contributes enormously to the resistance and vitality of pigeons. After about 3 weeks, the effect of this supplement is noticeable in its plumage. This mixture is not used in the g-spirits line.

feeding advice

  • supplement the ‘normal’ pigeon feed, such as the prestige mixtures, with 1/3 part 3864 solution

products for specialities

3864 solution – very important additional mixture. Suitable for every feed without pellets. During the moulting period and racing, mix in about 1/3 part. During the winter mix in about 1/5 part. Usable with every schedule except the g-spirits schedule
3865 solution junior – very important additional mixture for the young pigeons (especially during the breeding period), which is suitable for every feed without pellets
3808 championmixture – additional mixture for perfect breeding. Because of the high fat content also usable with 3815 super energy or HE 4000 for the most difficult flights. Follow the feeding schedule of the prestige pigeons feeds (instead of 5581 prestige racing)
3815 super energy – very tasty additional mixture with oily seeds. Suitable as an extra energy boost when given to pigeons the last days before the races
4000 HE 4000 – highly additional energy mixture with many peeled seeds and the best quality peanuts. Very suitable for the one-day races and the marathon
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