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Sheep are social animals and, basically, can live in every environment. They like to stay in the pasture. Important in caring for sheep are shelter, fleece, manure, hooves/claws and feeding. Garvo offers feeds tailored to hobby farmers, who want to breed vital lambs and for hobbyists, who just want to keep sheep for fun.



Every sheep lover wants their animals to live an uncomplicated, long and healthy life. Garvo contributes to this end with sophisticated feed. Basic food for sheep consists of hay or grass. This roughage is supplemented with concentrates in order to keep the sheep’s reserves at the right level. Also, they need vitamins and minerals. The composition of 1015 alfamix sheep is completely tuned into the digestion and energy need of sheep with a normal level of activity. Alfamix sheep consists of a rich mixture of natural ingredients, which resist acidification, while the animals remain in their natural balance, thanks to the necessary nutrients. The result is handsome meaty animals with hard hooves and a good wool structure that’s not too fatty. The sheep develop perfect hormone housekeeping, which results in good fertility, unproblematic gestation, easy birth and effortless lactation. Animals which go to exhibitions or have to be inspected are in good condition with alfamix sheep.


breeding sheep

Good breeding results begin in autumn. Ewes become pregnant the quickest, when they are not too thin or too fat. During the first 12 weeks of gestation the foetus grows slowly and ewes don’t need extra feed. Afterwards the foetus grows faster and the ewes need more vitamins, minerals and spore elements. At the same time, the growing volume of the uterus pushes against the alimentary canal, so that the ewes have less appetite. Later, during lactation, ewes get unlimited hay and up to a maximum of 1 kg 1015 alfamix sheep, 5071 sheep pellet or 5073 sheep pellet basic per day. In this way they can feed the lambs frequently and often.



Lambs receive, while suckling and during their further growth, 5072 lambs pellet plus. This ‘plus’ stands for the addition of natural oregano extract. This contributes to a lasting, healthier bowel function. For motherless lambs, there’s 3596 lamb milk.



Garvo’s sheep feeds are low in copper. Many sheep are sensitive to copper, and for some sheep copper in the feed can even lead to death. That’s why sheep absolutely shouldn’t, for example, be fed goat or cattle feed. And the other way around, preferably don’t give any sheep feed to goats, since goats need (a little bit of) copper. Sheep and goats also have different vitamin needs.

feeding advice

  • do not feed goat or cattle feed to sheep
  • Garvo’s feeding guidelines are an indication. For the amount of feed the animals need, consider their condition and the ambient temperature
  • always give enough roughage
  • during the summer, supplement with 200 g 1015 alfamix sheep per day in order to fulfil the minimal needs for minerals and vitamins
  • give ewes, beginning from 6 weeks before breeding, some extra handfuls of 5073 sheep pellet basic (5mm) or 5071 sheep pellet. This contributes to optimal hormone housekeeping and better fertility
  • supplement only during the first 12 weeks of gestation if the ambient temperature or too-little roughage supply require so
  • after the first 12 weeks give some more concentrates
  • build up gradually the amount of 1015 alfamix sheep or 5071 sheep pellet to a maximum of 1 kg per day and give unlimited hay
  • give 5072 lambs pellet plus to lambs from about 2 weeks old on
  • make sure there’s always enough fresh water

products for sheep

1015 alfamix sheep – additional muesli for all sheep
5071 sheep pellet – additional pellet (3 mm) for all sheep
5073 sheep pellet basic – additional pellet (5 mm) for all sheep
5072 lamb pellet plus – additional, very tasty pellet with easily digestible proteins and protective ingredients. For lambs from about 2 weeks old on
3596 lamb milk Zelmo green – wholesome, synthetic milk powder for motherless lambs
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