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Tame rats are not only active at night, but also during the day and at dusk. They are intelligent and loyal and offer excellent company for children and adults. This also applies to gerbils (or desert rats), which are actually more related to hamsters than to rats.

A healthy rat has a shiny coat and bright eyes and is friendly and playful. It’s not for nothing that for many people the rat is a dear, loyal friend! Rats belong to the small rodents and, as to food, have the same basic needs as gerbils and hamsters. Animals which are being bred or taken to shows often have to be extra vital and well developed. Garvo feed is perfectly tuned to the needs of rats and thus contributes to their fertility, growth and health.

feeding advice

  • give daily fresh feed, but no more than they can eat
  • supplement of greens is optional, but not necessary
  • it’s alright to give regular little bits of animal products, such as chunks of cheese
  • give fresh water daily

products for rat

6504 hamster en rat – complete, tasty mixture with vegetables and animal protein. Very diverse and easily digested. For all hamsters, rats and gerbils
5540 rodent mix – complete, richly diverse mixture with few pellets, complemented with all sorts of vegetables and seeds. For rodents such as (hamsters, mice and) rats which sometimes get extra vegetables and animal proteins
5070 rodent rat chunk – complete 12mm chunk, for extra healthy and strong animals, enriched with products which simulate the proteins as ingested by the animals in the wild. Also usable in propagators. For young and adult rats which are being bred. As well as for gerbils and hamsters
5065 rabbit breeder pellet – complete 3mm pellet which provides the basic needs, among which, of gerbils. Also usable as breeding feed
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