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Besides 235 fyto dog premium dog feed, Garvo has an excellent series of pressed and extruded dog feeds under the name rangers. The foundation of all of these Garvo rangers dog feeds is that it consists of high-quality ingredients which are easily ingested. Thus a complete menu is created. In short, rangers has something for every dog. The rangers dog feed is renowned among many dog owners for its good price and quality.

pressing and extruding

Extruding means that the feed, as a whole, is ‘unlocked’ at high temperature, so that the dog can easily absorb the nutrients. With pressed feeds, the grains are unlocked first, then mixed with proteins and fats, and subsequently pressed into a chunk.



feeding advice for rangers dogfood

  • pressed chunks have less volume. It’s more filling than it seems!
  • the necessary amount of rangers is strongly dependent on the breed, age, condition and activity of the individual dog, and its ambient temperature
  • don’t let de dogs become too heavy, that is bad for their health and condition
  • too heavy dogs often refuse feed
  • store the feed cool and dry
  • always take care that there’s enough fresh drinking water
  • make sure that the dog always gets enough exercise
  • in many situations there can always be feed in the dish and dogs sense exactly how much they need. Below is a feeding guide meant only as an indication:
Weight of the dog (kg) Amount of grams per day
growing pups
Amount of grams per day
2 – 5 65 – 125 50 – 110
5 – 10 125 – 210 110 – 175
10 – 20 210 – 350 175 – 295
20 – 30 350 – 470 295 – 400
30 – 40 470 – 600 400 – 500
40 – 50 600 – 700 500 – 590
50 – 70 700 – 900 590 – 750

products for rangers

5631 rangers pressed dogfood – complete pressed chunk. For active as well as calm dogs, and for small and large breeds
5630 rangers CR dogfood – complete extruded chunk. For adult companion dogs, which have no heavy exertion, but do like to play and walk
5645 rangers CR dogfood meat and rice – complete, easily digestible extruded chunk. Good for dogs with food allergies, and for companion dogs which are played and walked with
5634 rangers CR dogfood HE – complete, easily digestible extruded chunk. Specifically for dogs which perform heavy tasks, such as racing and sledding dogs
5636 rangers CR dogfood puppy – complete, easily digestible small extruded lump with extra omega 3 and 6. Suitable for pups and young, growing dogs from 3 weeks old on until the teeth have changed. Watch out: make the feed a bit moist for the very young pups. Feed them 3 times a day, restrict the amount to what they can eat in about 15 minutes, and remove the rest of the feed
5638 rangers CR dogfood senior – complete, easily digestible extruded lump. Specifically for older dogs from 8 years on
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