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rabbits (in and around the house)

Every rabbit lover wants its animals to be perfectly healthy. Nothing is so nice as a happy, playful rabbit with beautiful, soft fur and shiny eyes, enjoying its life. Such rabbits simply radiate friendship, because they are totally content. Lively rabbits rely on their own strength and have a natural curiosity. Garvo has explored for years into the welfare of animals and everything necessary to realize that. For rabbits in and about the house Garvo has a wonderful series of rabbit feeds, each one ensuring that all nutritional needs are maximally met: the 5065 Rabbit breeder pellets; 5081 Rabbit mix with carrotflakes; 5066 Rabbit Naturemix; 5749 Rabbit melange and the 5064 Alfamix structure rabbit.

pellets and mueslis

In the wild, rabbits eat an array of grasses and herbs, instinctively consuming a balanced diet. This is the foundation of Garvo’s rabbit feed; the pellets as well as the cereals.
A pellet is a pressed, balanced chunk of ground-up nutrients, minerals and vitamins. In the cereal, the vegetables and grains are loosely mixed in various sizes, and completed with chunks full of vitamins and minerals. Garvo cereals are coarse, because rabbits like and need to gnaw. That is good for their teeth, stimulates their digestion and keeps them healthy.

feeding advice for rabbits in and about the house

  • the amount of feed rabbits need depends on their size, their level of activity, the ambient temperature, and if any supplements are given
  • give fresh hay and straw daily: these raw fibres are necessary for their digestion
  • give fresh water daily
  • most rabbits eat daily 2.5 -3.5% of their body weight in feed

products for rabbits (in and around the house)

5065 rabbit breeder pellet – complete pellet. Provides the fundamental nutritional needs of rabbits and can also be used as breeding feed. It is also very suitable for larger breeds of rabbits.
5081 rabbit mix with carrotflakes – complete and diverse mixture. Very appropriate if you have one or a few rabbits and regularly give them supplementary vegetables. Suitable for all rabbits.
5066 rabbit naturemix – complete natural mixture. Complete with lucerne hay, carrots, peas and other pure ingredients. Suitable for all sorts of rabbits.
5749 rabbit melange – complete, richly diverse mixture of cereal flakes, grains, seeds, vegetable flakes and crunchy and pressed pellets. Because of the finer structure also very suitable for dwarf rabbits.
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