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rabbits (in general)


A healthy rabbit is strong, lean, has shiny fur and a perfect hormone balance. Garvo supports rabbits’ health with a series of feeds, keeping these animals in perfect balance. Take alfamix- and alfachunk-rabbit with their sophisticated protein composition and other nutrients. Lecithine in the feed makes sure that any superfluous energy is transformed into warmth and not into a large skin fold or dewlap. Other ingredients strengthen the immune system and contribute to good fertility, a beautiful and firm pelt and uncomplicated, almost unnoticeable shedding.

love for the breed or a addition to family life

Alfamix- and alfachunk rabbit are premium feeds. When a certain breed of rabbit has stolen your heart or you enjoy exhibitions, you want to spend more time and attention on the care and rearing of your rabbits, and you want only the best feed. Thanks to hobbyists like these, the old breeds are still intact!

But, of course, every rabbit lover, young or old, enjoys very healthy animals, even if they want to spend a bit less time or money on their pets. For this group, Garvo has a great series of rabbit feeds, ensuring that all nutritional needs of these pets are maximally met. In this way, the whole family can enjoy happy, playful rabbits with beautiful soft fur and bright eyes. Lively rabbits rely on their own strength and have a natural curiosity. Such rabbits radiate friendship, because they are totally content. And this is what makes Garvo happy!

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