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rabbits (breeding and showing)

If you’ve lost your heart to a particular breed of rabbit or just enjoy exhibitions, you willingly spend more time and attention on the care and rearing of your rabbits. Without these hobbyists certain older breeds would be lost or their particular characteristics would be compromised. Garvo gladly supports these breeders with premium feed.

A healthy rabbit is strong, lean, has shiny fur and perfect hormone balance. 1025 Alfamix–  and 5062 Alfachunk rabbit  support rabbits’ health with a sophisticated protein composition and other nutrients. Lecithin makes sure that any superfluous energy is transformed into warmth and not into a large skin fold or dewlap. The feed also contains a selected combination of acids, herbs, minerals and yeast, which protect rabbits in a natural way. The mixture of vegetable oils contributes to good fertility, a beautiful and firm pelt and uncomplicated, almost unnoticeable shedding.

Alfamix rabbit is a coarse mixture. When the rabbits gnaw the unprocessed grains, all of the healthy enzymes are released. Alfachunk rabbit is a 3mm pellet. Both are complete feeds, supplying nutrients which all sorts of rabbits need year-round.Young rabbits immediately need to build-up their resistance – even before birth. Give bearing does ten days before they throw about 30 percent more Alfamix–  or Alfachunk rabbit. This will result in a good nest of young with correct birth weight. During lactation, give more feed, depending on the condition of the doe and the young. Young rabbits begin immediately to eat Alfamix– and Alfachunk rabbit. Thus  growing into the most beautiful and best calling cards of their breed!

feeding advice for rabbits (breeding and showing)

  • give fresh straw and/or fibre-rich hay; these (raw) fibres are necessary for their digestion
  • the feeding needs of rabbits is dependent on their activity, race size, whether they get supplements and their ambient temperature
  • most rabbits daily eat 2.5 -3.5% of their body weight in feed
  • prevent selective feeding habits by giving your rabbits only as much feed per day as they can eat
  • give fresh water daily

products for rabbits (breeding and showing)

1025 alfamix rabbit – complete muesli, very suitable for breeding rabbits and/or visiting exhibitions
5062 alfachunk rabbit – complete chunk, very suitable for breeding rabbits and/or visiting exhibitions
5065 rabbit breeder pellet – complete pellets. Provide the fundamental nutritional needs of rabbits and can be also used as breeding feed. It is also very suitable for larger breeds of rabbits.
5064 alfamix structure rabbit – complete mixture with long-fibre raw feed. For optimal processinging of structure and fibre in the intestines. Suitable for all rabbits
5061 alfachunck junior rabbit – complete rearing chunk (3mm) for all growing rabbits. Also suitable for pregnant and lactating does
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