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prestige pigeon mixtures

Some pigeon fanciers prefer to supplement the menu themselves and, therefore, choose Garvo’s prestige feeds as the staple feed. Prestige pigeon feeds are easy to use, and the rich compositions guarantee the desired result at every time of the year. You can complement the mixtures with solution.

feeding advice


In order to assure a beautiful, new plumage for the pigeons you’ll be continuing with, the right building materials are necessary, especially proteins. The richly assorted prestige moulting delivers, during this time, ever-so-important building materials. It gets the pigeons into the sleek condition, which is necessary for good breeding results.

  • feed 5583 prestige moulting until the final feather is half-grown. When winter begins, add 1/4 part 5311 pigeonbarley to the feed
  • complete the moulting feed with 1/3 part 3864 solution. In the winter 1/5 part is enough

During the breeding period a good condition of the breeding couple guarantees well fertilized eggs.

  • feed, before the young hatch, the combination of 5583 prestige moulting, 5311 pigeonbarley and 3864 solution. Then switch over to 2/3 part 5582 prestige kweek and 1/3 part 3864 solution. Increase the amount of feed by 20 – 30%, a bit more during winter breeding or extreme cold
  • for the resistance and health of the young pigeons, put a handful of 3865 solution junior with some cold-pressed linseed oil onto 1kg feed
  • give the breeders, which won’t be flying and after the weaning of the last young until the moulting period 5582 prestige breeding, supplemented with about 1/5 part 5311 pigeonbarley
  • give 5587 prestige junior growing so that the young easily can get used to hard feed after weaning and, furthermore, to provide them with all important seeds. This perfect feed contains small peas and maize. The young pigeons ingest it fast and well.
  • after weaning, feed the young pigeons 5587 prestige junior growing in combination with 1/3 part 3864 solution
  • from the moment the fledglings have flown feed 5586 prestige junior racing together with 1/3 part 3864 solution
  • add a level teaspoon of 9518 garvocalcium to 1kg of feed. Advice: during the rest of the year give garvocalcium 2 – 3 times per week

The advised schedules apply to the cocks as well as the widow hens. A pigeon eats an average of 30g of feed per day. Adjust the amount of feed if there is reason to do so.

  • give 5581 prestige racing as staple feed during the racing period
  • complement the feed with 1/3 3864 solution, 5433 depurative, 3815 super energy and/or HE 4000

products for prestige pigeon mixtures

5583 prestige moulting – rich additional mixture for pigeons during the moulting and winter period
5582 prestige breeding – rich additional mixture for breeding couples
5587 prestige junior growing – rich additional mixture for weaning young pigeons
5586 prestige junior racing – rich additional mixture. Perfect racing feed for young fledglings which leave
5581 prestige racing – rich additional mixture for pigeons during the racing period
5595 pigeon-academy prestige – richly varied mixture (24 ingredients), combined for Pigeon-Academy. Fits into the yearly feeding schedule. Supplementing this feed is advised by Pigeon-Academy
5598 prestige light PL – additional, easily digestible, low-protein mixture. Ideal as supplement in the breeding and racing seasons. Especially suited for younger and older racing pigeons
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