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pet pigs and pot-bellied pigs

Mini pigs or pot-bellied pigs near the house guarantee that there’s never a dull moment. Especially if they’re healthy and enjoying themselves. Good care and the right food ensure that the animals are content and explore their surroundings with that healthy dose of curiosity. Garvo has especially for these pet and pot-bellied pigs two kinds of feed, the 1030 alfamix swine and the 480 pet swine pellets extra. The feeds are specifically made for good digestion and correct body maintenance of pigs and contribute to a pig’s long and healthy life.

muesli or pellet

1030 Alfamix swine is a muesli with a rich mixture of vegetables and other natural ingredients. The feed contains whole corns, so that the pigs have to chew well. When chewing, the feed mixes with the saliva, and so the digestive process begins at the right place, namely in the mouth. 1030 Alfamix swine also contains lecithin to promote the burning of fats, so that the animals have less chance of becoming too heavy. The added oils ensure a healthy coat with a soft ‘pink’ radiance. Through the supplemented vegetable oils in 1030 alfamix swine your pig gets a healthy coat and a vital appearance. Because of the composition of balanced nutricious fibres, this is the perfect feed for pet pigs kept in the house.

480 Pet swine pellet extra consists of pressed chunks. Chunks are good for animals which eat selectively; if they only choose to eat the tastiest bits of the feed, they won’t get enough nutrients in their system. (B).

feeding advice

  • 1030 alfamix swine and 480 pet swine pellet extra are complete feeds, supplementing is not necessary, but may be done
  • do not feed any fat or sweet food and very limited leftovers
  • supplement possibly with bread, corns or hay
  • if the pigs have no grass or hay available, supplement them daily with greens. Greens have a positive influence on the intestinal flora and stimulate the digestion
  • the amount of feed is dependent on the level of activity, ambient temperature, age, supplements and physical condition. Guideline 1030 alfamix swine: - large breeds: daily about 1.5% of their bodyweight - smaller breeds: daily about 3.5% of their bodyweight
  • feed piglets 1030 alfamix swine as soon as they can eat solid food while still suckling

products for pet pigs and pot-bellied pigs

1030 alfamix swine – complete muesli with extra lecithin and vegetable oils. For all (mini) pigs and pot-bellied pigs from young till old
480 pet swine pellet extra – complete pellet. For all (mini) pigs and pot-bellied pigs from young till old
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