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There are more than fifty sorts of mice, all with different colors and types of hair. They are very sociable, and healthy mice are quite adventurous and like to play. A lot of variation in the cage does them good. Since mice reproduce so quickly, they need extra protein-rich feed. And that means that their digestion is different from other little rodents. Especially for mice, Garvo has 5067 rodent mouse chunk and 6503 mouse and degu vegetables.

feeding advice

  • both feeds can be given all year round to mice of all ages
  • 5067 rodent mouse chunk is more suitable for animals which are being bred
  • feed about 10 grams per mouse a day, but not more than they can eat
  • feed preferably no supplements – it could upset their digestion
  • give fresh water daily

products for mouse

5067 rodent mouse chunk – complete 12 mm chunk with extra protein. Suitable for pregnant and lactating animals, young mice and show animals
6503 mouse – complete mixture with dried vegetables. Suitable for all mice
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