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llamas, alpacas and camels

Almost everyone has seen them standing somewhere: the wonderful camelids, such as camels, llamas or sheep camels, and alpacas and mountain llamas. They are very noticeable because of their special appearance, wonderful colors and wooly exterior. If well cared for, then they’re a treat to look at! The animals, which originally come from the Southern Hemisphere and are kept as pets the world over, need specific accommodation, care and feeding in our Northern regions. Their condition and health are greatly dependent on the quality of their food. With camelids, too rich or too one-sided feed is a greater problem than a shortage of a certain nutrient. These ruminants have, namely, an exceptionally efficient digestive system and can get the most out of lean pickings. Still, only grass or hay is too one-sided; in our average pastures there’s predominantly rye-grass with at the most fifteen different herbs, while the animals in the wild can often choose between all sorts of grasses and herbs. Supplementing with suitable concentrates is, therefore, necessary all year round.

6004 camala chunks
Garvo has had a balanced feed for camelids for years, 6004 camala chunks with exactly the necessary proteins, fibres and vitamins. This feed supplies the daily nutritional needs and contributes to hard hooves and lean-muscled animals. It also ensures perfect hormone housekeeping and with that, good fertility, uncomplicated gestation, easy birth and effortless lactation. Camelids in such perfect condition don’t quickly become sick and have beautiful, dry and silky, soft wool.

The table below is an indication for the daily amount of 6004 camala chunk. Adjust the amount according to the condition of the animals. With cold weather, give more feed as necessary (feeding advice).


Amount per day in the summer
adult weight 55 – 70 kg
300 – 500 g
adult weight 100 – 120 kg
500 – 800 g
adult weight 450 – 700 kg
2 – 3.5 kg


Alpaca’s are part of the camelid family. They are native to the central and southern parts of the Andes Mountains. They live from Peru to Argentina at an altitude of up to 4800 meters. In these areas, alpacas mainly eat different types of grasses.

The alpaca is a social animal that prefers to live in a herd. The herd does not only have to consist of alpacas, but can also contain llamas, goats or sheep. If you choose to keep different species in one herd, keep in mind that they must also receive different types of feed because each animal species has its own nutritional needs. Today, the alpacas are also beloved animals to keep around the house due to their friendly appearance, striking looks and curious behaviour.

6006 alpaca plus
The basis of the diet for kept alpacas is good quality grass and roughage. However, this also needs supplementation because grass and roughage do not fully provide the (amount) of vitamins and minerals required for alpacas. 6006 alpaca plus is a vitamin and mineral pellet (3mm) that you feed in addition to grass and roughage to provide in all the needed nutrients for alpacas.

The 6006 alpaca plus contains a high level of vitamins and minerals, so that only a small amount is required per day. The added trace elements consist of easily absorbable chelates, so that as many nutrients as possible are actually absorbed during the digestion

The 6006 alpaca plus provides for the maintenance needs of adult alpacas in addition to unlimited roughage. It is a tasty grain, so the alpacas like to (continue to) eat it. All this together ensures that the alpaca receives all the necessary nutrients with this supplementary feed. In this way the alpaca builds up a natural resistance and the animal will remain in optimal condition.

During pregnancy, lactation and growth of the alpacas, the need for nutrients changes. The feeding method and feed quantity must be adjusted in these situations. For more information please contact or call +31 ((0)313) 47 23 21

feeding advice

  • always give unlimited rye or oat straw and a limited amount of long, fibrous hay (in total about 1 kg roughage per 100 kg bodyweight) with 6004 camala chuncks or 6006 alpaca plus
  • create several feeding spots some distance from each other so that all the animals can eat in peace
  • divide the daily necessary amount of feed into two parts and feed twice daily
  • always provide unlimited, fresh drinking water
  • give no further supplements. Bread and most kitchen scraps are unacceptable as supplements
  • feed at the end of gestation and during lactation 30 – 50% more than the normal amount of 6004 camala chuncks

products for llamas, alpacas and camels

6004 camala chunk – complete 8 mm chunk. Suitable for all camelids from young to old
6006 alpaca plus – additional vitamin and mineral pellets (3mm) for the maintenance needs of adult alpacas
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