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kangaroos en wallabies

Kangaroos and wallabies are mammals with a pouch, that is, marsupials. They live in groups, which hide during the day and graze at night. You can recognize them immediately by their large, strong hind legs, their heavy tail and, of course, their pouch. Female marsupials have two uteruses and a pouch: a fold of skin in which the nipples lie. This is where the young stays until it’s big enough to stand on its own legs.

Kangaroos and wallabies are not ruminants, still, they are true herbivores. In the wild they eat leaves, twigs, bark, grasses and herbs. They do flourish in our parks, as long as they are left in peace, have enough space and a clean environment, and are fed the right diet. Our pastures do not provide enough variation in vegetation for these animals. In order to supply them with the necessary nutrients, you need to supplement the whole year long with soft, assorted hay, even if there is enough grass available. Complete the feeding with 1014 alfamix kangaroo. Alfamix kangaroo is a muesli full of corns, seeds and pellets. The absorption and digestion of the various ingredients in alfamix kangaroo simulates the situation in the wild. Due to the muesli structure, the kangaroos ingest their feed very calmly.


feeding advice

  • always give soft, assorted hay, even if there’s enough grass at hand
  • give twigs to chew on, that’s good against ‘lumpy jaw’, a form of jaw infection
  • besides this, give daily about 250 – 500 g alfamix kangaroo. Please note: the amount of alfamix kangaroo depends on the size, level of activity, the condition of the animals, and the ambient temperature
  • never give (in order to prevent jaw infection) sharp roughage, such as straw, corn chaff or dry bread
  • kangaroos can go for a long time without water, but it’s better to give them enough fresh water every day. This enhances their well-being
  • use soft rye straw as bedding
  • if joeys or kangaroo young cannot be fed by their mother, then use special synthetic milk, low in lactose. Most usual types of milk, such as cow’s milk, contain lactose, which makes kangaroos so sick, that they can also die from it

products for kangaroos en wallabies

1014 alfamix kangaroo – complete muesli for marsupials
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