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Healthy hamsters have lovely, chubby cheeks, clear, dry eyes, a soft, shiny coat and short legs with not-too-long nails. They become tame easily and are usually friendly to adults and children. Hamsters are especially active at night. The most popular sorts of hamsters are the Russian dwarf hamster, the Syrian hamster, the Syrian hamster, the Chinese dwarf hamster and the Roborovski hamster. Not all sorts need the same sort of housing, but they do need the same sort of feed! In the wild hamsters eat grains, seeds and greens, plus a bit of animal protein. They eat the same food as rats and gerbils. That’s why Garvo has feed for all sorts of hamsters 6504 hamsterand rat with animal protein and 5540 rodent mix.

feeding advice

  • a dwarf hamster eats about 6 grams of feed per day, a Syrian hamster about 10 grams
  • give hamsters fresh food every other day, because by habit they put a bit of food aside. They hamster!
  • supplement of greens can be given, but is not necessary
  • it’s alright to give regular little bits of animal products, such as chunks of cheese
  • give fresh water daily

products for hamster

5540 rodent mix – complete richly diverse mixture with vegetables, seeds and tasty kibble. Suitable for all sorts of hamsters which sometimes get extra vegetables
6504 hamster and rat – complete mixture supplemented with animal proteins and vitamins. Suitable for all dwarf and Syrian hamsters
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