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guinea pig

Guinea pigs can steal your heart. When ‘totally content’, they are social, playful animals with a wonderfully soft and shiny coat. This small house friend is a special rodent! Guinea pigs belong to the few sorts of animals which do need vitamin C, but which cannot-produce it themselves. Thus they have to get their vitamin C from their food. On top of that, guinea pigs are true ‘fibre-eaters’: they extract many important nutrients out of raw material. The amounts of starch and fibres in guinea pig feed demand, therefore, just as much attention as the amount of vitamin C. That’s why they need their own feed.

All Garvo guinea pig feed is just as well-suited for the children’s dearest guinea pigs as for the most beautiful show guinea pigs. In all Garvo guinea pig feed are exactly the right nutrients to let young guinea pigs gradually grow up problem-free and to keep adult guinea pigs in good condition. The feed tastes delicious and contributes to their optimal, natural resistance and health.

5068 Guinea pig pellet with vitamin C is made from pressed kibble. 1050 Alfamix guinea pig is a muesli with pure, separate ingredients and with whole fibres. Pellets and muesli both have practically the same nutritional value. You can, therefore, give the two feeds either apart or in combination with each other. Garvo also has 5080 guinea pig mixture.

feeding advice

  • always feed guinea pigs straw or hay. They need a lot of extra fibres
  • vegetable or fruit supplements can be given, but are not necessary, thanks to the vitamin C in the feed
  • give guinea pigs daily fresh feed; about 30 – 45 grams per day per animal
  • do not give too much feed, so that the guinea pigs eat their dishes clean. Otherwise they only eat the most tasty bits (selective feeding) and leave the other necessary nutrients behind.
  • if the guinea pigs eat too selectively, feed preferably pellets

products for guinea pig

5068 guinea pig pellet with vitamin C – complete, fibre-rich pellet with extra vitamin C. Suitable for all guinea pigs
1050 alfamix guinea pig – complete, richly diverse mixture with rosehips, parsley, vegetables, fruit and many fibres. Suitable for all guinea pigs
5080 guinea pig mixture – complete, selective mixture. Suitable for all guinea pigs
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