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There’s no species of animal so diverse in terms of colour, song, flight and behavior as birds. Having birds in the house or in an aviary assures that there’s never a dull moment. Many people enjoy their brilliant colours or their singing of talking. And, naturally, you experience the most pleasure from healthy, well-cared-for and lively birds. Health has, of course, everything to do with the feed.

For those who only keep one or a few birds for pleasure, as well as for the bird breeders, balanced feed is essential. It makes the birds active and full of life, influences their resistance and is decisive for their life expectancy. In the wild, birds eat seeds, germinated seeds, fruits, green leaves and (clay) minerals: a complete supply of nutrients. Seeds alone are not enough, but are for the seed-eating aviary birds. Garvo’s seed mixtures form an excellent basic feed. Canaries, parakeets, parrots and tropical birds have each their own specific feeding requirements. Garvo has mixtures which perfectly match those needs, from the coarseness of the seeds to the nutritional values. Besides this, birds always need grit and stomach gravel, and during certain periods 5300 egg food or 9508 garvocyme. In this way Garvo offers the right kinds of feed for different species of birds and, has for breeders and other wholesale users, on top of that, special mixtures.


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