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zoo and hobby animal

There’s not a city without pastures and parks with some animals in them or children’s farmyards, and not a town without some place where you can see donkeys, deer and other animals walking around. Once in a while, around the farm, often also in separate pastures around the house. And sometimes zoo animals are literally pets. In all of these situations you talk about zoo and hobby animals. These can include deer and roe deer, mini pigs and potbellied pigs, donkeys, cows, reindeer, alpacas, camels, kangaroos and wallabies, and ratites, such as ostriches, rheas and emus.

another life

We like to see that zoo and hobby animals have a long and healthy life. We enjoy them immensely, we observe their behavior, we teach children to make contact with them. In short, they are there for our relaxation. Each animal needs its specific accommodation and feed. If their feed is tuned to their needs, then they stay healthier and stronger, have less stress and retain their natural curiosity. In this way there’s an easy contact created between humans and animals. That’s why Garvo has feed from the heart, with precisely the balanced ingredients they need to have. Everything is provided with a balanced amount of proteins, fats, fibres, minerals and vitamins. According to the need per sort of animal you can choose to give them leaves, twigs, bark, mosses, herbs, hay, grasses or soft straw. As humans, we tend to show our love by giving them extra tasty treats. That isn’t always healthy. Honestly said, animals are better off with good feed plus loving attention. That’s when their eyes really glow beautifully and their coats or feathers shine extra.

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