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show pigeons

Healthy, vital show and turtle doves ensure numerous pigeon fanciers with a great deal of enjoyment. The one fancier prefers to keep it simple with a few pigeons for pleasure, the other raises special breeds, for example, for shows. From the Oriental MacDonald to the Coburg Lark, and from the Fantail Pigeon to the Diamond Dove, each breed has specific feeding needs, and Garvo’s show pigeon feeds are tuned into those needs. Each feed has its own balanced composition of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals, trace elements and seeds, suited to the species of pigeon. That benefits their laying power, fertility, growth and development, plumage, moulting, health and condition.

suitable feed

Suitable pigeon feed is important. So often pigeon feed for racing pigeons is too course or too rich in energy for show pigeons. And standard show/ornamental pigeon feed isn’t always suitable for every breed and situation. If the feed contains, for example, red maise or milo, the light eye rims can change colour in some show/ornamental pigeon breeds. The carotene in that feed, however, is essential for the colour intensity in colour pigeons. For their build and feathers, heavy breeds need many and various proteins, which in smaller breeds would only result in a too-thick plumage. The nutritional needs of a highflier are somewhere between those of the racing and show pigeon. For tropical wild doves, the usual wheat and peas in the show and turtle dove feed are unsuitable. And the small Diamond Doves cannot handle the big seeds in the average feeds, but still need to have enough fats.

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