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in general

horses and ponies

Everybody wants the best for their horses or ponies. That’s true for the professionals, for people who ride purely for pleasure and for those who simply keep horses in the pasture to keep things lively around the place. To get or keep horses in the right condition, it’s necessary to have balanced feed which matches well with their age, breed and level of activity. Every sort of recreation and every discipline of sport requires the right feed. Garvo has a conveniently arranged assortment of feeds and supplementary products for horses and ponies, so that each animal gets precisely what it needs. There’s feed for hacks, for the sport and riding school horses, for non-active animals and those in the pasture, for good doers and so on. Besides this, Garvo has developed, together with Fyto Horse Care, the sport horse feed fyto gold. This feed contains few carbohydrates and is extremely suitable for the top athletes among the horses.

mueslis and chunks

It’s very important that a horse or pony chews well in order to digest optimally. Chewing ensures that enzymes are released in the mouth and that stomach and intestinal juices are activated. Garvo has horse and pony feeds in muesli and pellets. In particular, Garvo’s richly textured mueslis with whole corns make sure that the animals chew more. Furthermore, in the mueslis all ingredients are well visible.


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