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What’s greater than a playful, alert and active dog? A dog which, on top of it all, looks healthy and has a shiny fur? These are the sort of things that indicate in all sorts of ways how well and healthy your dog is. The right feed makes it easier to achieve this, and dogs reward their owners with a glowing state of health, which leads to mutual inspiration. Healthy dogs are relaxed, playful, lively, have a beautiful soft fur and shiny eyes. They enjoy their lives and radiate friendship. Pedigree and exhibition dogs and dogs, which are trained for special tasks, are judged just as well by their performance, their radiance and by many external and behavioral characteristics.

Since 1970, Garvo has been making selected dog feed which supports the health of the animals from young till old. The most important thing is how dogs ingest and digest their food. That forms, together with high-quality and honest ingredients, the basis of all Garvo dog feeds. Dogs often swallow in chunks, without chewing first. Their short intestines have to be strongly stimulated: they are made to work hard to digest. That’s why 235 fyto dog is harder-to-digest feed with a high intake.


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