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G-spirits produces vital pigeons, which are to perform. It is complete, user-friendly and time-saving. The feeds consists of a moulting-, a resting-, a breeding-, and a racing pellet. They contain the correct proportions of nutrients, such as minerals, vitamins, amino acids and fatty acids, and draw out the best in the pigeon. For each period of the season there is only one mixture necessary. Just make sure that enough water and grit are supplied. With g-spirits, the natural resistance increases, a super strong nervous system is formed and the pigeon remains healthy. This ensures the best relationship between the pigeon fancier and the pigeon.


Moulting is the beginning of a new period. The pigeon can once again completely recuperate and will again need a whole new plumage for future performances. G-spirits moulting delivers for this period all the important building materials.

During the winter resting period it’s essential that pigeons remain lean and in condition, preparing for ever important breeding time. Sleek, well-fed animals have the best fertility, resulting in the best young. G-spirits resting nourishes the animals, creating an optimal breeding condition.

During the breeding period, it’s mostly the chemistry between the cock and the hen that’s important. The pigeon fancier can sense which couples are good together. For the vitality of the breeding pigeons, g-spirits resting is the appropriate feed.

When the squabs have hatched from the eggs, switch over to g-spirits breeding. This feed cares for vital parents and their young. It contains the right dosages of calcium for strong bones. The balanced proteins and fats in g-spirits breeding contribute to well-muscled young pigeons with silky-soft plumage.

When the fledglings take off, g-spirits sprint is the chosen feed. By fitting the amount of feed to match the intensity of the training, the pigeons develop and retain their top condition. The parents are then again fed g-spirits resting until the next batch of young or until the moulting period.

As soon as the pigeons start flying, the ambiance in the loft is definitely as important as the correct attention and care. It motivates the pigeons to fly home quickly. G-spirits sprint and g-spirits marathon deliver enough fuel for the flights, since they’re mostly based on oils as an energy source, with just the right balance between the essential oils and omega 3 and 6 fatty acids as clean fuel.

G-spirits sprint does not distinguish between the preparation for sprint or middle long distance flights. Furthermore, g-spirits sprint is the only racing feed necessary up to and including the middle long distance flights.

For the long distance and marathon flights, g-spirits marathon is the only feed the pigeons need. It’s so tasty that they’ll eat as much as they can.

feeding advice

  • G-spirits feeds should be fed regularly year-round in order to build up and maintain the pigeons’ resistance. Super healthy pigeons won’t become sick. The whole g-spirits feeding schedule is also suitable for young pigeons, cocks and widow hens. Preferably give no supplements. Support with or choose only for medical treatment if there’s something really wrong with the pigeons.
  • give from the time moulting begins until the final new feather is half-grown 7003 g-spirits moulting
  • give 7004 g-spirits resting during the resting period. Vary the amounts if the temperature indicates to do so
  • give breeding pigeons 7004 g-spirits resting until the young have just hatched. Afterwards give 7002 g-spirits breeding and increase the amount of feed with 20 – 30%
  • feed the breeders after the weaning until the beginning of the moulting period 7004 g-spirits resting
  • feed the squabs from the time of weaning on 7002 g-spirits breeding. Increase the amount during the winter or extreme cold
  • pigeons shouldn’t be underfed, but they should be able to ingest all ingredients easily
  • switch over to 7001 g-spirits sprint when the fledglings begin flying and adjust the amount to the intensity of the training
  • a pigeon eats an average of 30g of feed per day: a bit less during very warm weather, a bit more during very cold weather
  • adjust the amount of feed if there’s reason to. Feed widow hens more sparingly, if desired, with 5311 pigeonbarley
  • make sure widow hens which won’t be racing get 7004 g-spirits resting. Don’t give them too much feed
  • with g-spirits there should be a bit more feed given in the beginning and then gradually decrease the amount. If desired, give pigeons going on longer or more difficult flights a full feeding beforehand.

products for g-spirits

7003 g-spirits moulting – complete mixture for an optimal moulting period
7004 g-spirits resting – complete mixture for when rest in necessary
7002 g-spirits breeding – complete mixture supplemented with protein pellets. For pigeons during the breeding period from the moment the eggs hatch
7001 g-spirits sprint – complete mixture, including vitamins and minerals, supplemented with vegetable oils and lecithin. Very suitable for the sprint and middle long distance
7000 g-spirits marathon – complete mixture, including vitamins and minerals. supplemented with vegetable oils and lecithin. Very suitable for the marathon and long distance
7005 7005 g-spirits growth – complete mixture. Forms a smooth transition between 7002 g-spirits breeding and 7001 g-spirits sprint. Suitable for growing youngsters
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