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Fytolin Fibre – back to basic

Fytolin Fibre is based on the growing demand for conscious and natural horse feed. While many horses rely on concentrated feed as the main ingredient of their rations, Fytolin Fibre focuses on stimulating optimal fibre digestion. Sufficient good quality roughage is the basis. Fytolin Fibre contributes to even more fibre variation in the feed and contains all the basic nutrients required for healthy intestinal flora and a healthy horse.

Fytolin Fibre is a conscious choice for horses at any age and at any level. The combination of high-quality
roughage and Fytolin Fibre allows you to perfectly tailor the ration to your horse, thus keeping the feeding process manageable and creating a happy, healthy horse.

products for Fytolin Fibre – back to basic

2361 Fytolin Fibre FORCE – Balanced fibre pellet
2363 Fytolin Fibre MUESLI – Varied fibre muesli
2369 Fytolin Fibre SENIOR – Complete seniormuesli
2366 Fytolin Fibre MASH – Tasty, grain-free herbal mash
2371 Fytolin Fibre ALFA – Supplementary alfalfa pellets for better absorption of high-quality protein without high energy content
2373 Fytolin Fibre TIMOTHY – Supplementary timothy grass chunks for extra fibre variety without high energy content
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