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fyto dog

Environmental factors, such as cold or warmth, condition, and personal contact all have influence on the digestion of dogs. The choice of menu for the dogs is, therefore, not only dependent on their living circumstances and current condition, but also on how much their owner has to spend. Many owners choose the highest quality, and that is 235 fyto dog. Fyto dog is designated for all dogs. Fyto dog is pressed at a low temperature. Accordingly, the quality of the proteins and fats remains preserved. Furthermore, by producing in this manner valuable nutrients, such as hemoglobin, are utilizable.

intestinal flora

Fyto dog contains pressed chunks with the desired nutrients in the proper proportions. It contributes to calming the intestines, which can prevent a lot of misery. Stress and illness disrupt the food intake. That is noticeable as fur problems or allergies. The function of the intestines is also dependent on the complete intestinal flora – bacteria which are responsible for the digestion of the food. With fyto dog you create healthy intestinal flora, which give an extra boost in the health of your dog.


In order to optimally develop directly after being born, puppies have to be able to utilize all nutrients via the mother’s milk. Shortages in young animals often give problems later. Besides the personal care, lactating bitches – and also quite quickly the puppies – need selected food in order to build up their resistance and health. From this standpoint fyto dog is also composed for bitches as well as pups.

adult and senior dogs

Fyto dog is suitable for all dogs, from puppy to seniors; the feed corresponds to all their life phases and living situations. However, it is important to adjust the amount of feed to the living conditions of the animals.

feeding advice

  • the necessary amount of fyto dog is strongly dependent on the breed, age, condition and activity of the individual dog, and its ambient temperature
  • feed puppies from 3 weeks on 3 times per day. Restrict the amount to what they can eat in 15 minutes. Then remove the rest of the feed
  • young dogs, (highly) pregnant and lactating bitches and dogs which have to perform need more food
  • give the pups preferably no supplements
  • always take care that there’s enough fresh drinking water
  • make sure that the dog always gets enough exercise
  • in many situations there can always be feed in the dish and dogs sense exactly how much they need. Below is a feeding guide meant only as an indication:
Weight of the dog (kg) Amount of grams per day
growing pups
Amount of grams per day
2 – 5 65 – 125 50 – 110
5 – 10 125 – 210 110 – 175
10 – 20 210 – 350 175 – 295
20 – 30 350 – 470 295 – 400
30 – 40 470 – 600 400 – 500
40 – 50 600 – 700 500 – 590
50 – 70 700 – 900 590 – 750

products for fyto dog

235 fyto dog – complete premium pressed canine chunk. For all dogs in all situations (from pup to senior)
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