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fancy birds

Fancy birds are gamefowl such as tragopans, pheasants, francolins, turkeys, grouse, quail, guinea fowl, peacocks, partridges, etc.

These fancy birds are not only beautiful to see, but are also very useful and have been bred for thousands of years. As to size, there’s a whole scale, ranging from dwarf quail to peacocks and turkeys. Some species come originally from our surroundings, such as the European grouse, the European partridge and the European quail. Other species, such as the common pheasant, have become well established, but stem from Asian regions. Most of the species come from thickly forested areas and are ground-feeders. With their strongly built legs, they can dig up the ground, searching for seeds and insects. Their powerful toes are actually flat, strong claws. Most of the fancy birds have a relatively small head with a strong beak. Some species are particularly known for their long tail feathers, and many fancy birds have wonderfully coloured feathers. With exception of the crested wood partridge, fancy birds don’t care so much for water, but do like to take extended sand baths.


The condition of fancy birds is of optimal importance, for example for the fertility and plumage. Garvo has special feeds for fancy birds, so that gamefowl lovers can get and keep their animals in perfect condition, and, so that all the species-specific characteristics and colours will stand out. There’s 826 fancy poultry pride partridges, quails, ph, which can be given year-round. Fancy poultry pride has a reduced protein content and a nice, wide amino acid pattern. In addition, 824 fancy poultry tetrao has been specially formulated for grouses. The higher fiber content of this pellet ensures effective imitation of the natural feed. Adult grouse such as black grouse and capercaillie can be fed with this pellet all year round.

Besides that, for the common pheasant and turkey species, there’s 5011 starter pellet pheasant / turkey or 5015 starter mash pheasant / turkey. Certainly for turkey species with large carcasses, these feeds contribute to their development. And, especially for the small quail species and for crested wood partridges, Garvo has 5036 fancy poultry pride partridges, quails, ph. Normally, quails eat insects and vegetation. This quailmixture approximates the natural needs of quails in a single mixture with fine seeds and a fine pellet containing the necessary vitamins and minerals, and, with stomach gravel. Stomach gravel are the ‘molars’ for quails; they help to crush the feed. During the first weeks raising the chicks, 1075 alfastart chicks is especially suitable.

feeding advice

  • feed all year round the complete feed
  • give chicks daily extra animal protein, sometimes in the form of 1075 alfastart chicks
  • make sure there’s always enough grit and stomach gravel
  • give fresh water daily

products for fancy birds

5011 starter pellet pheasant / turkey – complete pellet. For rearing pheasants and turkeys. Also very suitable for turkeys with a large carcass
5015 starter mash pheasant / turkey – complete mash. For pheasants and turkeys. Very suitable for turkeys with a large skeleton/carcass
824 fancy poultry tetrao – complete pellet with high fiber content. For grouses, particularly suitable for black grouses
826 fancy poultry pride – complete pellet. Suitable for all species of fancy birds, including show birds and older birds
822 fancy poultry pride mini – complete 2mm pellet. Suitable for all small spiecies of fancy birds, such as roulrouls, quail and partridges. Also suitable for show and breeding animals.
5036 quailmixture – complete mixture of corns and mini-pellets. Also for small quail species and crested wood partridges
1075 alfastart chicks – complete mash with pellets and fresh water shrimp for chicks from day 2 until about 3 weeks old
1076 alfastart quail chicks – complete mash with extra fine structure (more easily ingested). For very small breeds of chickens and quails from day 2 till 3 weeks old
5461 pheasantmix with peas – additional mixture with peas for fancy birds
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