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Donkeys are brave, stubborn and smart. And they love attention. These herd animals communicate with each other through their ears, tail, body language and noises. If something is happening nearby, donkeys stand immediately in fighting position, ready to take on the danger physically. There are all sorts of donkeys in all sorts of sizes. Our tame donkey stems from the Nubian ass. Most of them have a height at the shoulder or wither of 1.20 meter, but you also have mini-donkeys and donkeys which are taller than 1.40 meter. And, even if they’re related to horses, they definitely need other food. 1035 Alfamix donkey is precisely suited to their special needs for a healthy body and healthy spirit.


Donkeys use their sense of odour, touch and taste in order to gather information about their surroundings and to find tasty bits to eat. By nature, they seek all their food the whole day long: thistles, herbs, coarse grasses and other roughage. They digest their food very efficiently and get the most out of a sparse diet. Often they are fed, with the best of intentions, too richly. Or they only get one-sided roughage: hay and grass. In most pastures only rye grass grows, which is too one-sided and, not to mention, too rich in protein for donkeys. Fibres form their basic ration and straw as a source of fibres supplies their need for structural fibres very well. Structurally rich hay can, but is quite rich in proteins. 1035 Alfamix donkey contains the necessary vitamins, minerals and amino acids which donkeys don’t get enough of by eating roughage. In this way a good balance is created between energy, constructive and protective nutrients.

feeding advice

  • give unlimited straw and possibly some structural hay
  • complete the ration with 300 – 500 g 1035 alfamix donkey per day
  • give more 1035 alfamix donkey if it’s cold outside or they work
  • double the amount of 1035 alfamix donkey with highly pregnant or lactating donkeys
  • supplement for variation now and then sparsely, for example with carrot, apple or pre-soaked beet pulp, and then give at the next feeding perhaps somewhat less 1035 alfamix donkey, depending on the amount and nutritional value of the supplement
  • make sure there’s always fresh drinking water

products for donkeys

1035 alfamix donkey – complete mix. For all donkeys from young till old
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