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deer and roe deer

Nutrition is absolutely the most important aspect in caring for deer and roe deer; these ruminants need specific feeding, because they have a much smaller stomach than cows, sheep and goats. The small stomach in deer and roe deer simply forces them to eat small portions of food continuously, all day long. Their metabolism is quick, and they can extract worthwhile nutrients from their diet of roughage, but at the same time they use up a great deal of maintenance energy doing it. Deer are selective eaters. In the wild they eat leaves and buds of trees and bushes, grasses and herbs. Intuitively, they seek altogether a varied and complete package of nutrients. In zoos and pastures the necessary variation for such a menu is missing. There the animals need to get grass or hay, supplemented by fibres in the form of straw, and indispensible are supplementary pellets. Garvo’s 5082 deer- and roe pellet provides all the necessary remaining nutrients.

feeding advice

  • make sure there’s always enough grass or hay, supplemented by extra fibres in the form of straw
  • supplement daily with 5082 deer- and roe pellet
  • give more feed, or complement the feed with 1020 alfamix goat if it’s cold(er), or if the animals are gestating or lactating
  • make sure there’s always fresh water

products for deer and roe deer

5082 deer- and roe pellet – supplementary 5 mm pellet. Suitable for deer and roe deer
1020 alfamix goat – supplementary muesli. Suitable for goats and, as extra mixture along with 5082 deer- and roe pellet, for deer and roe deer
4198 KNZ lick stone wild – supplement to the daily ration or if the animals do not absorb enough nutrients
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