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Cows have been domesticated animals for centuries, and there are still farmers who work small-scale on principle. For others, keeping cows has grown into a real hobby. (In a herd, every cow has its own place in the hierarchy. Cows make friends with each other, for example, if they want to graze nearby one another.) Adult cattle without young, which don’t have to produce any great amounts of milk, get enough nourishment by eating grass and hay supplemented, for example, with 1065 alfamix cow. Lovers of rare breeds, old breeds or, for example, Dahomeys or Dexter mini cows gladly choose this mixture. Alfamix cow is also extremely suitable for breeding bulls and for cows which have to get inspected. Alfamix cow supplies the necessary oils (including flaxseed products), minerals, vitamins and proteins. The feed contributes to a shiny condition, a beautiful coat and a perfect hoof quality. If there’s enough roughage available, then there’s little more necessary. In other situations, there is more need for supplements.


1065 alfamix cow is a nutricious mixture for young calves from day 2 or 3 on. It fits in directly with the calf or cow milk, fills up any shortages in vitamins and minerals in the milk and stimulates the stomach development from the start. Good stomach function ensures strong and healthy animals. Milk and muesli belong together, and calves enjoy eating calf muesli! That’s because it’s assorted feed, enriched with treacle for a sweet taste and with the natural product genial, which stimulates the digestion and supplies the needs for minerals.

cattle pellet extra

110 Cattle pellet extra is especially for hobby cattle. The provided protein and calcium make the feed also superbly suitable for lactating cows. Cattle pellet extra is supplementary feed to the basic roughage. If extra demands on the cattle are desired, just give them a bit more feed.

feeding advice

  • always give enough grass or roughage
  • give some 1065 alfamix cow as a supplement to the minerals, vitamins and fats
  • give calves from day 2 or 3 on 1065 alfamix cow, and also give lucerne hay as soon as the calves want to eat it
  • give lactating cows or cattle on which more demands are made 110 cattle pellet extra
  • make sure there’s always dry bedding and enough fresh drinking water

products for cows

1065 alfamix cow – additional mixture with minerals and vitamins. For cows which produce little or nothing; and especially for breeding bulls and cows which have to get inspected
110 cattle pellet extra – additional pellet. For lactating cows and for cattle on which more demands are made
4200 KNZ licks cattle – supplement the daily ration or if cattle do not absorb sufficient nutrients
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