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Chinchillas are nice, lively nocturnal animals. They come originally from the Andes and are famous for their wonderful thick and soft coat. Which comes in all sorts of colors! They are friendly to people and can become 15 years old. Whoever chooses to have a chinchilla has a friendly pet at home for a long time, and will enjoy it especially in the evenings. They can live well in groups, even though in a mixed group there can only be one buck.

Chincillas are real vegetarians and, therefore, need their own special feed. In the wild they eat very fibrous and low energy food. Sometimes they eat their own droppings, because of the vitamin B12 contained within. Thanks to their very long intestines, chinchillas can digest tough herbs and fully developed dry grasses very well.

Garvo’s 5069 chinchilla pellet contain at least 18% dietary fibre and very little starch and sugar. The feed is suitable for all chinchillas, from young (as soon as they want to eat solid food) to old.

feeding advice

  • an adult chinchilla needs about 30 grams 5069 chinchilla pellet daily
  • feed preferably twice a day
  • also give some long, fibrous hay or fully developed grass
  • don’t supplement much, at most some dried apple, carrot or sometimes a raisin
  • avoid sugar, fat and moist food: these upset the intestines
  • give fresh water daily

products for chinchilla

5069 chinchilla pellet – complete pellet. Suitable for all sorts of chinchillas at all ages
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