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chicken (in general)

Do you have one or more chickens around your house or do you show your fancy chickens? Garvo has a selected series of products to keep every chicken optimally healthy and strong. It’s most certainly worth the effort to take a look at our extensive assortment! For every chicken farmer Garvo has the feed that best suits his/her chickens. There are (high-quality) chicken feeds for those who like to keep some (free-run) chickens for pleasure and a delicious egg, as well as sophisticated (premium) feeds for breeders of fancy chickens. Garvo also has corn mixtures, some supplemented with protein- and mineral-rich pellets and some with chicken grit. The alfa mixtures and the chicken treats are excellently suited, for example, to give chickens a boost in health, to help tame them or just to give as an extra treat.

products for chicken (in general)

107006 chicken treats – additional mixture full of fresh water shrimp. Suitable for all chickens
1075 alfastart chicks – complete mash with pellets and fresh water shrimp for chicks from day 2 till about 3 weeks old
1080 alfamix chicks – complete corn mixture with pellets and fresh water shrimp for young chickens from 3 weeks old till they begin laying
1055 alfamix chickens – complete corn mixture with pellets and fresh water shrimp for adult chickens
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