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breeding horses and ponies

Everyone enjoys watching healthy and lively foals grow up, whether it’s a foal with a fantastic lineage or offspring of a hack. The right care and feeding naturally give the best chances for the desired result.

pregnant mares

Mares need more nutrients for the fetus during the last four months of gestation. 5001 care pellet (for mares and foals) contains extra dairy proteins, which the mother’s body quickly and easily absorbs. Care pellet guarantees good fetus development and later uncomplicated milk production during lactation.


5001 Care pellet is breeding feed for foals during their first year, from the moment on that they begin eating while still suckling. Care pellet offers foals all the nutrients for a strong skeleton and perfect development. The feed supplies easily absorbent nutrients and stimulates the development of the intestinal system. Garvo advises a combination of care pellet and 1040 alfamix horse or 5002 active pellet between the first and second year, because then the physical development is enormously important.


Healthy stallions give good sperm. Good fertility, sperm quality and condition all depend on enough exercise and suitable nourishment. For studs, Garvo advises 1040 alfamix horse or 230 fyto gold for warmbloods and 1045 alfamix pony or 231 fyto form for hacks.

feeding advice

  • make sure there’s always enough fibrous hay and unlimited straw
  • make sure there’s always fresh water
  • feed mares 5001 care pellet from the 8th month of gestation on until into lactation
  • build up the amount gradually to about 750 g per 100 kg bodyweight per day in the last month of gestation and during lactation
  • supplement foals as needed in their 1st year with 5001 care pellet
  • feed yearlings 50/50 of 5001 care pellet and 1040 alfamix horse
  • in case you choose only pellets: then feed foals 50/50 of 5001 care pellet and 5002 active pellet. Recommended amount: total 1 kg feed per 100 kg bodyweight
  • feed warmblood studs 1040 alfamix horse or 230 fyto gold
  • feed studs of hacks and ponies 1045 alfamix pony or 231 fyto form

products for breeding horses and ponies

231 fyto form – additional muesli. For non-active hacks and (top)sport horses and ponies
230 fyto gold – additional muesli. For breeding and (top)sport horses and ponies
5001 care pellet – additional 5 mm pellet. For mares and foals
5002 active pellet – additional 8 mm for hacks, breeding (top)sport horses and for horses and ponies which often exercise
9521 garvo intestine improver – for a lasting, healthy intestinal flora and bowel function
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